The New World Order and the 3 Big Transformations that matter.

It’s a new year. It’s 2022! 

Let’s reflect on where we are now . . .  just for a moment.

We’ve all experienced enormous change in our lives since covid. 

Things are different, and yet the same. 

How we work has changed. 

How we buy things has changed. 

How we make money has/will change (soon). 

How we communicate has changed. And this is just the beginning. 

The next decade will be like a rollercoaster. Exciting, thrilling, and scary all at the same time. 

I say this because I see 3 big transformations coming our way … they are already here and will increase in magnitude and intensity and make a significant impact on our present and future lives. 

These are The Digital World Order. Climate Realism. Diversity Economics.

Let me provide some context for each. 

Note : This blog is designed to provide an overview of the topics and issues I will deep dive into in 2022. My ask – please feel free to reach out to me via to collaborate and if you really feel like you have something important to share and wish to have your message amplified and heard by o

#DigitalWorldOrder (DWO) 

The Digital World Order is a paradigm that has created an entirely new sociocultural and economic system underpinned by; powerful technology innovations, supercomputer grade hardware (in our hands – also called phones – that does much more than enabling us to talk to each other) and software (that is so intelligent that it can do, think, predict and make decisions for us) that has hooked billions of people on earth, and still growing. This is the world order where AI, Robotics, 3D Printing, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Cloud, Low Orbit Satellites, The Metaverse, Non-Fungible Tokens, Digital Currencies, The Blockchain and many more such innovations are born. 

The big question is whether we really understand this new world?, What is our role and status within it? How do we survive and thrive in it? How far and deep do we want to go? Can we say NO? Who are the leaders creating this new world order? What is their vision, purpose and agenda? ……

There are so many questions that need answering. And there is so much to learn and discover. (together). 

The entire planet is going through a shift. Mass change, or even a metamorphosis. One of the drivers of this change is technology – bringing with it the promise of prosperity, equality, and a new form of freedom that we as a civilisation have not experienced to date. We are now natives of this  information age. It all changed again when Covid hit. Covid became the trigger event that accelerated the acceptance, adoption, and addiction to all aspects of digital (vs physical). Digital is the oxygen we need to thrive in a virtual world. It’s the fuel that ignites the smouldering embers of capitalism and social conformity that global nations will bet on to achieve a significant economic status. We will now see new forms of reality enter our lives, as the metaverse defines how we engage with one another (using virtual and augmented reality technologies, gaming, and real-time 5G and with low orbit satellites powering our connectivity) , digital currencies become the default, AI tells us what we should do, how we should think and who we should follow, blockchain decentralises everything , robots (both software and hardware led) takeover our jobs and decision making. 

For many this sounds like bliss. For others it evokes fear. There is a dark side to mass digitisation, and that is real too. The movies say it all. For instance, watch Ready Player One to understand the extremities of the Metaverse. Or take out a weekend to binge watch The Matrix movies, Elysium, District 9, The Black Mirror series on Netflix. You will be ahead of the curve compared to most. 

To sum up, it is patently obvious we are now beyond the point of return. We must educate ourselves on what’s to come. We must learn, keep an open mind, accept change as the norm and find innovative ways to survive and thrive together. The New Digital World Order is another era that we must embrace. 

#ClimateRealism (CR)

Climate realism is about cutting through the noise, hype, and rhetoric. It’s about being pragmatic and knowing what we can do now to impact the future. It’s about understanding what could go wrong – and badly it would affect us all. It’s about working in harmony with like minded climate realists to positively influence how global leaders and nations make decisions and formulate policies. It’s about calling out the charlatans and recognising those that are authentic, committed and transparent. It’s about promoting the cool innovators and their green innovations that will help us to de-carbonise.  

Climate realism is a way of accepting that something is wrong and understanding where you as an individual sit in the grand scheme of things. By accepting our roles, we are better positioned to find solutions, both small and big, and to have the confidence to call things out when they are wrong, to push back against governments when they are not aligned with what society wants. By having the courage to say the first word – when others are silent. 

We know we can protect mother earth if we unify. If we want humanity to continue the way it is, with future generations living in a world where they can eat fresh food, drink clean water, swim in the seas, breathe clean air, then we must act now.  

#DiversityEconomics (DE)

Diversity economics is about taking both a data-driven and evidence-based approach to understanding the economic and commercial advantage of diversity. It’s about unearthing the why, how, when,who and what. 

Why is Diversity the route to economic growth? How does it drive growth, innovation, and cultural creativity? When does it succeed / fail? ? Who are the right people to lead this agenda? What stories of success and case studies can we learn from?  

Building a strong and irrefutable case that supports the economy. This is a movement of sorts, that addresses some of the biggest concerns sceptics have regarding diversity, such as it being a fad, that it divides equality rather than promotes it. This is something I want to challenge with the help of some of the amazing people around me. I want to bring people together to systematically collect evidence, such as case studies, that prove diversity not only improves business and capitalism, but can also have an incredibly positive impact on all society. Diversity economics is about collecting data and showing industries why diversity is important and why they should do it. This helps reach those unaffected by emotions and stories, giving them the cold, hard numbers they prefer. 

Having different people looking at the same thing just makes sense. Diversity of thought, perspective, decision making, ideas, gender, race and background creates a multi-faceted approach that will give businesses the strength and flexibility required for long-term sustainability and success. There are two choices, to embrace diversity and invest in it, or to ignore it and pretend it’s not there. If you accept diversity, you should work towards something that addresses it at every level, such as access to education and opportunities in disadvantaged communities. The journey won’t be quick, but is vital, and one that you must discuss with your colleagues and stakeholders to ensure you are all on the same page.

I want to wish all of you a happy holiday and a healthy New Year. 

What next?

These 3 big transformations are what I will research and analyse over the next year and beyond – using a blend of data sources, live interviews (via my podcast and learning platform , lived experiences and an abundance of generosity and love from all those around me. I cannot do this alone. There are so many amazing minds I will need to call on for help and guidance. I am deeply grateful (in advance) for everyone’s love and generosity. Everything I discover and learn will be shared openly as podcasts, articles, blogs and keynote presentations –  via and straightalk (and will be free for everyone to reuse, cite and further develop).