Meet Af Malhotra.

Af Malhotra is a tech founder, active investor and dedicated philanthropist. He has an illustrious career in technology, having held leadership roles in global companies including: Amstrad, Fujitsu and most recently Gartner. 

Af is a regular contributor in the media – having been featured as a ‘technology entrepreneur and visionary’, on the BBC News, CNBC Live, HuffPost, Financial Express Magazine, The Times, Raconteur, Bloomberg, International Finance Magazine and the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Af has acquired graduate and post-graduate degrees from Goldsmiths College, University of London (Anthropology), Kingston Business School (MA in Business), Harvard Business School (Executive Education). He is also a guest lecturer at London Business School (LBS)  and Queen Mary’s, University of London.

Today, Af is deeply immersed in, and speaks about, “The 3 big transformations” that – he believes – will impact the future of humanity; #DigitalWorldOrder #ClimateRealism #DiversityEconomics

Why Af cares about the transformations

Digital World Order

The Digital World Order is a paradigm that has created an entirely new sociocultural and economic system underpinned by; powerful technology innovations, supercomputer grade hardware (in our hands – also called phones – that does much more than enabling us to talk to each other) and software (that is so intelligent that it can do, think, predict and make decisions for us) that has hooked billions of people on earth, and still growing. This is the world order

Climate Realism

Climate realism is about cutting through the noise, hype, and rhetoric. It’s about being pragmatic and knowing what we can do now to impact the future. It’s about understanding what could go wrong – and badly it would affect us all. It’s about working in harmony with like minded climate realists to positively influence how global leaders and nations make decisions and formulate policies.

Diversity Economics

Building a strong and irrefutable case that supports the economy. This is a movement of sorts, that addresses some of the biggest concerns sceptics have regarding diversity, such as it being a fad, that it divides equality rather than promotes it. This is something I want to challenge with the help of some of the amazing people around me. I want to bring people together to systematically collect evidence, such as case studies, that prove diversity not only improves business and capitalism, but can also have an incredibly positive impact on all society.